Make the Most of Your Office Visit

Your provider needs to understand your medical history when seeing you. For one, there's medications that you are currently taking:


Drug interactions can be dangerous, or they can cause your current medications to be ineffective. Medications that are especially important to mention to our providers are:


These medications can have interactions with a range of common drugs that we may prescribe such as antibiotics, cholesterol, and blood pressure lowering agents.

So please tell us about all of your medications.

Referrals are for your further treatment, where your provider cannot continue it themselves. Referrals can given for:


Unfortunately, there are times when we do not receive feedback from specialists, and results of blood work and other examinations may not be received.

If you decide not to follow through with a referral, blood work or other examinations, please let us know. Otherwise we will spend time trying to obtain results that do not exist.

Follow-Ups are Crucial.

We need to ensure that results have been received and fully interpreted. The diagnosis and management of many conditions is a process that may require a series of consultations. It is all a part of our mission to make sure you get the care you need. We want things to go as planned as much as you do.

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