January 06, 2022by Prominis

COVID Surge, New Oral Treatment

Dear Patients

We would like to share these updates with you.

The latest COVID-19 surge in New York City is a challenge for the city’s healthcare infrastructure, including our practice.

We are inundated with calls, emails, and appointment requests while many among our staff have gotten infected with COVID and therefore have been forced to stay home in quarantine, putting a lot of strain on our practice.

We are trying or best to answer phone calls, emails and messages. If you have difficulty reaching us through the phones, please email us at info@prominis.com.

Good news, we just got notification from the Department of Health that the newly approved oral antiviral drug that is effective against COVID-19 is now available for order. Our computer system has been updated with the new drug information so we will be able to order it for you if necessary.

This medication, called Paxlovid, is only available in one pharmacy in the city: Alto Pharmacy. Nevertheless Alto Pharmacy will home-deliver the medication to any part of New York City the same day.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to respond to your calls even with limited staff. If you experience difficulty getting through the phone lines, again the best alternative is to email us.

Thank you.


Andras Fenyves, MD Medical Director

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