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In the United States, allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. The skillful providers of Prominis Medical Services offer comprehensive allergy testing and have extensive knowledge of allergies and allergy triggers. Prominis Medical Services offers a wide range of allergy treatment methods at 12 convenient locations across Brooklyn, Staten Island, Glendale, and Queens, New York, to diminish or alleviate your symptoms and give you much-needed relief. Call your nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Allergy Testing Q & A

What are the Symptoms of Allergies?

When you come into contact with an allergen, you might experience several symptoms, such as: 

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy nose, mouth, or eyes
  • Watery, red, or swollen eyes
  • Skin rash or hives
  • Face swelling
  • Anaphylaxis


You might also feel a tingling sensation in your mouth.

What are the Most Common Allergy Triggers?

Some of the most common allergy triggers are: 

  • Latex
  • Insect sting
  • Medications
  • Dust mites
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Cockroaches
  • Food allergies
  • Food additives


Allergies can lead to snoring, sleep apnea, and breathing difficulties.

What Types of Allergy Testing are Available?

Prominis Medical Services provides convenient in-office allergy testing and a plethora of effective services, including medications, skin testing, and a food elimination test. For example, your provider might test for pollen allergies via a skin prick test or an IgE blood test.

  • Skin Testing: There are two types of skin testing: the pricking method and intradermal skin testing. The pricking method involves the application of a minor extract of allergens to your skin. Your provider lightly pricks your skin to expose you to the allergen gently. With intradermal skin testing, your Prominis Medical Services provider injects a small amount of the allergen into your outer skin layer to stimulate a reaction that can be safely evaluated and monitored.
  • Blood Test: A blood test is designed to measure antibodies in your blood.
  • Food Elimination Test: With a food elimination test, you eliminate certain foods from your diet and log a food diary where you detail your reactions and symptoms after you consume specific foods.

Your Prominis Medical Services provider discusses the different types of allergy testing in detail to help you determine what’s best. Your provider might also suggest additional testing, such as inflammatory markers, pulmonary function tests, or breathing and asthma tests.

What is the Treatment for Allergies?

Prominis Medical Services offers helpful medications to treat your allergies. Your provider can also show you how to avoid your allergy triggers. Medications and treatments are typically designed to prevent allergic reactions, block histamine receptors, reduce inflammation, or increase your body’s tolerance to the allergens over time.

Your provider might recommend nasal sprays, eye drops, topical steroids, inhalers, bronchodilators, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, or other treatment options to cope with your symptoms.

Allergy immunotherapy or desensitization involves allergy shots that work like a vaccine where your body responds to injections of controlled doses of a particular allergen over time. Your provider gradually increases the doses to help you develop an immunity or tolerance to the allergen. Injections are typically administered once or twice a week. 

Take control of your allergies with the highest standard of personalized medical care. Call Prominis Medical Services or request an appointment online.