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Men and women with concerns related to their urinary tract need the expertise of a qualified urology specialist. At Prominis Medical Services, with 12 locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Glendale, New York, the team of primary care providers offers expert urology care for bladder infections, urinary incontinence, and male prostate problems. Call the office nearest you for an appointment or request an appointment online for your urology needs.

Urology Q & A

What is Urology?

Urology is a medical specialty that focuses on the urinary tract and the male reproductive tract. Urology addresses issues like:

  • Female and male urinary tract concerns
  • Male infertility
  • Prostate problems in men
  • Pediatric urinary problems
  • Cancers of the urinary system

Evaluation and treatment deal with the kidneys, prostate, bladder, and testicles.

Why Would I Need a Urologist?

A number of health conditions benefit from the expertise of a urology specialist at Prominis Medical Services. Men and women benefit from urology support for urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and kidney stones. Men, in particular, go to a urologist for:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Kidney disease
  • Bladder, kidney, penile, testicular, or prostate cancer
  • Prostatitis
  • Infertility

Women need urologist support for issues like:

  • Bladder prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Overactive bladder

Children who have problems with bed-wetting, undescended testicles, and other issues with their urinary tract structure also need specialized urological care.

When Should I Seek Urology Care?

Several symptoms suggest a urologist is a specialist you should see. For both sexes, this includes:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain in the lower back or pelvis
  • Trouble with urination, weak urine flow, or urine leakage
  • Pain and burning during urination
  • Frequency and urgency associated with urination

Men should consult the urology specialists at Prominis Medical Services if they have:

  • Trouble getting or maintaining an erection
  • A lump in the testicle
  • Reduced libido

These symptoms are evaluated by the urology team at Prominis Medical Services to determine if you have a condition that requires treatment.

How are Urology Problems Evaluated?

The doctors at Prominis Medical Services use several methods to evaluate the health of your urinary tract and, for men, the reproductive organs. These include:

  • Imaging tests, such as MRI and ultrasound
  • Cystogram, or an X-ray of your bladder
  • Urine tests to check for infection
  • Urodynamic testing to evaluate bladder function

Once a problem is detected, the doctors go on to treat it with lifestyle changes, surgery, or medication.

If you have symptoms that suggest you need a urology specialist, contact one of the locations of Prominis Medical Services. Call the nearest office or request a consultation using the online tool.