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Women's Health Services Q & A


Why see a doctor specifically for Women?


Primary care physicians take excellent care of their female patients. However, women’s bodies are incredibly complex and go through many stages throughout a lifetime - more so than that of the average man, There are the most obvious differences to consider (menstrual cycle, nutritional needs, body, etc.), but there are more specific needs which a medical professional should not overlook. A women’s health doctor can diagnose conditions and treat illnesses more common in female patients. They can also refer their patients to new resources previously unknown to the patient. Patients just entering motherhood are also ideal candidates for seeing Women’s Health practitioners.

Women need to feel safe and comfortable in a doctor’s office. Speaking to doctors without the specific training can be awkward - the patient may not feel capable of bringing up certain topics. Even if such topics are mentioned during check-up, there is a chance that the feedback would be unsatisfactory. Women’s Health professionals can offer diagnostics for sexual health, provide testing for diseases, and present birth control options.
Domestic violence, statistically, affects women the most. While the doctor cannot help a troubled patient directly, they can lead one to the right resources. There’s never a need to hold back when in the presence of a Women’s Health doctor.



1. A woman’s body goes through so many changes. From puberty to post-motherhood, the female body changes through many shapes, inside and out. Nutrition and fitness advice must be tailored for each of these stages.

2. You need to nurture your little one. Breastfeeding requires technique and proper nutrition. It cannot be self-taught, and is better instructed by a Women’s Health expert.

3. Special needs call for special circumstances. Women are more prone to the following conditions: autoimmune diseases, Irritable bowel syndrome, Migraines, Thyroid disease, Urinary tract infections, iron-deficiency syndrome, etc.

4. They create a safe space for you. The world is not always a welcoming place for women’s private issues. A professional will have the solutions and resources for you. You will not be judged.